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Why United Storage Associates?

David Kurtz, President of United Storage Associates has been involved with the warehouse racking industry since 1982. He formed United Storage Associates in 1993. His immaculate reputation to consistently deliver well designed, on time and on budget projects granted him 20+ years of solid relationships with many Fortune 500 companies to this day.

United Storage Associates helped many companies optimize their warehouse storage capacity as also material handling flow needs simultaneously. We start with proper design of storage racks for the facilities and oversee the project implementation from start to finish.

Customized Rack Systems

United Storage Associates is here to help you to reach your storage objectives. Every facility and every building is different. Every company we worked with had their own specifications and vision for the end result. Our team of engineers will help you design a rack system that will withstand your facility goals.

Rack Systems

* Pallet Rack

* Pallet Flow

* Carton Flow

* Pick Modules

* Push Back

* Mezzanines

* Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

* Cantilever

* Drive In 

* Drive Out

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